Colored by the green of the hazel groves,
    the silver of the olive trees,
    and the bright tint of the “pericina” pear  …

    If you follow my hints, you will be spoiled along your gastronomic journey, but also bear in mind that “I” don’t know you and so you perhaps skip a meal, because you can go around freely, and that in any case the model-day conceived for you is rich of proposals for each and every moment you will be in the mood for “food.”

    So choose, at any hour you desire, the dishes most intriguing for you, and also think that – whatever you won’t be able to taste on the spot, you can buy and bring home with you.
    Or you may perhaps come back again to Giffoni Sei Casali, because it is a friendly territory and a find to be enjoyed once more!
    Close your eyes and concentrate on your position.
    You have reached the sweet Picentine hills that nurse the history of a dream town: Giffoni Sei Casali.

    In front of you a gentle valley slopes to the sea, colored by the green of hazel groves, the silver of olive trees, and the bright tones of the “pericina” pear trees…
    And there to your right, toward north, is the sequence of villages of the Amalfi coast, with its rocks that, in a sheer drop, fall into the abysses of the blue sea.

    If you instead have curiosity for the ancient “Gods”, just free your imagination and run toward south where, a few minutes away, are the ancient temples of the Plain of Paestum, standing between the fields that stretch as far as the eye can see and the sea with its smooth beaches and pinewoods.

    And now open your eyes again and start enjoying Giffoni Sei Casali alone, especially because it is time to have a “good meal” and share the genuineness of our traditional recipes, the new gastronomic proposals – produce of the hard and careful work of many people – and the excellence of local products like hazelnuts, extra virgin olive oil, jam of “Pericine” pears, buffalo mozzarella, traditional bread made with natural yeast and sweets from ancient recipes.

    And be aware that you will find emotions to bring back with you, unforgettable, in an itinerary of gastronomic experiences like with the frunnella, the migliaccio, wild boar with “chiuchiarole“, pasta with chestnuts, spaghetti with hazelnuts, the coccarda, the crespella, the braids.