the perfection
    of its round shape
    and its white pulp,
    its crispness
    and freshness
    at your bite…
    when bitten

    Welcome to the territory of the Giffoni IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) Hazelnut.
    We invite you to explore the landscape in all seasons.
    In the blooming summer the hills delight our sight with hazel groves and their bushy trees loaded with fruits; in the winter season we can see their bare shrubs and, among the reddish branches, the “aglets” hanging and swinging. During the harvest time, the fragrance of the hazelnuts on racks let to dry in the sunlight pervades the streets of Giffoni Sei Casali. The kitchens of all the houses diffuse the aroma of piping-hot caramel prepared for the first nougat of the season.
    The protected geographical indication “Hazelnut of Giffoni” is one of the most prized Italian varieties: the Round of Giffoni. Its distinctive characteristics are the perfect round shape of the shelled fruit, its white and consistent pulp and its aromatic taste that – with toasting – recalls the scent of caramel and crust of bread.

    The Hazelnut of Giffoni is in much demand as ingredient for high confectionery and is particularly suitable for direct consumption. In its area of production it is used, besides as basic ingredient of the typical sweets, for seasoning creative pasta or meat based dishes.
    Being it a middle-precocious cultivar, it is usually harvested already in the first ten days of August, after which hazelnuts are dried in the sun and stored in fresh and ventilated storerooms, with no odors and humidity.

    The “Hazelnut of Giffoni” has high nutritional values and its consumption protects from arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular illness, strongly limiting the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Furthermore, the presence of significant quantities of trace elements guarantees a correct cellular function.

    Area of production
    The cultivation of the IGP “Hazelnut of Giffoni” is concentrated in the area of Salerno, especially in the zones of Picentini Mountains and Valley of Irno, where the 12 specialized communes are located: Acerno, Baronissi, Calvanico, Castiglione del Genovesi, Fisciano, Giffoni Sei Casali, Plain Giffoni Valle, Montecorvino Pugliano, Montecorvino Rovella, Olevano sul Tusciano, San Cipriano Picentino, San Mango Piemonte.

    We wait for you in our area to offer you, together with great hospitality, a good coffee aromatized with hazelnut.