For discovering our territory one needs to step in; it is not sufficient to look at it from afar, from a distance.
    Crossing our hamlets (Casali), entering our woods – among our mountains, it is like entering a cathedral with many lined up columns, tall, slender, with the light filtering from above that creates incessant plays of light and shades.
    One needs to go in with wide and watchful eyes to discover and rediscover the large as well as small things – yet all extraordinary, that it comprises.
    Being able to live this land in total symbiosis pleases the spirit; it becomes the place of a privileged meeting where it is a pleasure to stay – because it is full of serenity and peace – and from where to receive continuous emotions.
    One needs to live the territory with the five senses to appreciate its architectures and variety of forms and colors, the countless shades of green and, in the green, all the other colors, changing along with the seasons: listen to the many sounds and voices of the nature while walking through alleys, courts and squares to enjoy, for some instants, their silence; feel the stone pavement under one’s feet or the soft carpet of musk and the crackle of dry leaves; touch the facade of the houses or the bark of trees with one’s hands; enjoy its different smells; pick up and taste the small fruits of hazel or chestnut trees and perhaps savor a drop of the good oil squeezed from the green fruits of olive trees…

    The Mayor

    Town Councillor for Tourism