Through the project Hotel Town, Giffoni Sei Casali is aiming at sustainable development, target that this community has set for the growth and the rescue of its territory, after years of inactivity and neglect. Fundamental for sustainable development is the special relationship that tourism – in comparison to other economic activities – has with environment and society.
    Such relationship is significantly dependent on high quality, safe and wealthy environments, on cultural distinction and social interaction. On the one hand, if not planned or sufficiently developed, tourism can destroy such special characteristics that are essential for sustainable development. On the other hand, it can give impulse to their protection and promotion both directly, through encouragement of the awareness and creation of the income necessary to maintain them, and indirectly, by providing third parties with good reasons for giving financial support.
    Tourism can be a means to uphold or drive the economic revitalization and growth and to improve the quality of life of both the visitors and the host communities.
    Against the progressive globalization of markets and communications, it is more and more evident the necessity to promote and not only defend the cultural, artistic, monumental and historical heritage, as well as other important aspects of local identities: meanings, values, tastes, knowledge and vocations that in touristic areas form the potentials of socio-economic development of the territory.
    By preserving local identities it is possible to pursue economic and political objective for the growth of touristic competitiveness also in smaller centers. Therefore, to encourage the local identity can also be an opening for development, for the quality of the residents’ life and for the local entrepreneurial class, without barring possibilities for the future generations.
    In this frame is set the project “Hospitality and Itineraries in the Hotel Town” promoted by the Town administration and enforced in accordance with Measure 313 of the PSR 2007-2013 Campania that includes a system of visual identity with the intention to make the tourist communication of Giffoni Sei Casali univocal, recognizable and clearly understandable.